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Passion is one of the keys to our success. VNTIMEX works extremely hard to achieve our vision in bringing the best products from South East Asia to the U.S.A. We LOVE what we do!

Last year, we had added an outdoor furniture and household consumer product into our product line.

This year, we formed a new company named BRANDSINUSA by partnering with great experience digital marketing agencies and technology firms to effectively and quickly bringing new products into the U.S. and distributed globally.

Import Foods & Non-Foods

As an immigrant who lived in the United States, foods are not just use to fill our hunger but also to replenish our memories of childhood and the love for our country. We left the country to seek for safety, peace, and freedom, and now we have it all here, but we still pondering of those memories.

VNTIMEX understood that all immigrants, no matter who they are, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc., foods in their country can bring back great memories. Thus, we realize that importing ethnicity foods to the U.S. are a good business opportunity. VNTIMEX had successfully imported great amount of foods and non-foods from Vietnam and Thai to the United States. Some of those foods are coffee (King’s Coffee), rice, rice paper, fish sauce, and more. Meanwhile, importing foods from Vietnam, pottery, outdoor furniture, candles, and home decorating art are also come in great demand!

Export Argiculture

Based on United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), California is one of the top ten agricultural States. Vinamex is based in California and has inherited the great advantages in getting the best agriculture foods. Currently, VNTIMEX is exporting a great amount of soy bean, corn, and chia seed all-over South-East Asia.

Export Consumer Products

Most of the top world brands are created in the United States. Furthermore, products made in U.S.A considered to be the highest brand name because of our health standard from FDA (Foods & Drug Administration) and the mandatory quality of our market's expectation. In the recent years, the growth in economy of South East Asia had created a great demand for high quality products especially products made in usa. VNTIMEX, once again, grap this opportunity by sourcing the best consumer product brands like Kirkland, Coast, Member's Mark, Coast, Zest, & Great Value and export it back to Vietnam and South East Asia.


After a decade of serving the imports and exports industry between U.S.A. and South East Asia, VNTIMEX had understood most of the regulation and insight in introducing new products into the United States and Vietnam markets and distributed those products globally. VNTIMEX is humbly generated some good results; however, we also make many costly mistakes. Therefore, we would like to assist any new businesses who want to open the market in US and Vietnam to reduce risk and increase their successful rate by working with us!


Investment opportunities are abundantly available in the USA once you have generated a success business income model from your business. As our customers who continually to be successful, they want us to bring more value for their money by investment instead of sitting inside the bank. We are in the journey of working together with our clients in investment of residential and commercial property, warehouse, business development in start-up, and franchising opportunity.

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